How do I know what to stock?

Choosing your products is actually a very simple process and it takes little effort to do so.

Key Knowledge

The product module of virtual business was an awesome help in learning how to run my own business. It taught about how to survey people in order to find out what product to stock in a store. It also taught me to decide upon the best products and how much of each to place on store shelves. Products are essential to the success of a business in a competitive retail environment. Learning about products and how to select which ones to shelve is vitally important for any aspiring business owner and the knowledge was extremely valuable.

My Journey

On my journey through product I learned many things and got key experience to make me a better business owner.  The math concepts were a bit tricky at first, but as I tried the test I got progressively better. Working through the simulation was tedious just like in the first module, but I figured out which products were the most beneficial to my business.

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