Inventing a New Inventory

Like simple? This is for you!
Yes! Finally something I can do with little effort. Well, almost. You do have to work a little bit.

Key Knowledge

The most important part of stocking is paying attention. You have to be aware of customer satisfaction, monetary resources, and shelf life. If you do not have the products your customers want they will stop shopping at your retailer. Also, products will eventually expire, which will ruin your reputation. Another thing to be aware of is the budget set for you to purchase stock for your store. Simple math is used to decide what amounts to stock. For example, if you only sell twenty bunches of bananas a day and the other fifty go bad, you should probably keep enough to last two days. That would be around forty bunches of bananas on hand at any time. Pretty cool, right?

My Journey

Working through this module was a lot easier than I expected. I guess you could say I was pleasantly surprised. The reading was short and simple. The math was very easy to complete as well. It was mostly simple vocabulary, adding, and subtracting skills. There was some multiplication and division that was slightly more advanced, yet not as difficult as the math in other modules. The simulation ended up being a flyby which nailed down the concepts I read about. Like I mentioned above, simple math helped me to succeed quickly and efficiently. I found this module easy, yet satisfying.

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