Making it Look Pretty

How do I make the customers stay?
One of the best ways to keep your customer's attention is with flashy merchandising. This facet of business is vital to continued profit.

Key Knowledge

The first thing to consider when tackling merchandising is the layout of your store. The three most popular layouts are the grid, spine, and loop layouts. Grid layouts are used by many grocery stores to make customers search for items and perhaps pick up other things as well. The spine layout is used by many drug stores to direct people to the pharmacy. Finally, the loop layout drags customers around the loop showing off all of the stores merchandise. The most important part of the layout is the entrance. You must have an easily accessible entrance for your customers to get into your store easily. After all, if they can not get in, then they will not buy anything. Other things to consider are impulse purchases and complimentary items. You should place impulse items closer to the checkout stations where they are readily available to customers. Picking up a candy bar on your way out is much easier than searching the store for one. Also, when you place like items together they fare better. For example, putting hot dogs and buns close together makes it easier for customers to snag some quickly rather than search the store for them. Most people will not search for them if that was not their primary goal of the trip, so making it easy to pick them up makes the items more enticing.

My Journey

Based upon the reading above you can clearly see that the questions in the reading quiz were very simple application questions. That made completing it a breeze, however, the math quiz took a little longer. 
Sample math question.
The questions were not hard, but they took some time to complete. Many of them had several steps like the one shown to the left. This slowed down the process, but I managed to finish and continue on to the simulation. I found the simulation for this module very easy to complete. The main strategies that I used to merchandise effectively was putting impulse items up front and need items way back. This forced customers to make their way past impulse items at least two times. Once to get to the need items, and then again to get to the checkout stations. This strategy was very effective and I met my goal of a weekly profit greater than $2,500. I think merchandising is very easy and effective too. I am excited to continue with my business in the coming weeks.

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