Market Research

Does it really get this bad?

No, it does not get as bad as the board above. Market research is actually relatively easy and intuitive. There are just a few concepts to master.

Key Knowledge

The marketing research module of the virtual business academy was extremely informative and helpful. I learned to create surveys that effectively show my target markets wants. I also learned how to best market to that target audience and make the most profit from it. Marketing research is very important in my opinion to running a business. I am very glad that this module was first because I had no idea that surveys would even be related to running a business. I knew most of the math this module presented, however, it was a good refresher and a great way to see applications of it. Overall this module was very interesting and helpful.

My Journey

As I worked through the assignments in market research and learned about the different types and sources of research I was introduced to how to make customers happy. The math concepts were fairly easy because it was mostly adding numbers and subtracting percentages. I continued on to the simulation and worked on making my customers happy through researching their shopping habits. It took me five tries, but I learned a lot from their shopping habits. I am super excited to continue my journey through the virtual business.

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