My Business as a Social Butterfly

Social media is a powerful tool.

Social media opens up so many opportunities for businesses. The many amazing benefits of a social media presence have convinced me that I definitely need to have one. Social media will make me more accessible which will increase the number of customers I get. Also, a social media presence will generate a substantial increase in profit at a smaller spending rate. For example, my store might sell fresh produce, but no one buys it. A twitter account advertising my produce and notifying customers of sales and events would increase interest in my store. The twitter account would be easy for customers and potential customers to browse quickly and decide whether or not they would like to shop at my store. Finally, a social media presence will allow me to adapt to customers demands faster. Social media gets the word out quickly, and that means my customers can leave reviews posted on their twitter, facebook, or other social media can write a short review and post it o my account to give helpful feedback on the fly.

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