Where should I set up shop?

Choosing a location to set up your business is a simple task. A few basic facts and strategies will set your business apart from all the others, literally.

Key Knowledge

Learning about the placing of a business was extremely beneficial because it taught me about how much different my profit could look in two different places. You have to be careful and smart with your placing in order to thrive. For example, being too close to a competitors business can cause too much competition to ruin you. Also, city stores are more expensive and that makes it difficult to prosper there. Suburb  stores  are cheaper and that makes them easier to start up and do well. The place module was very helpful and it taught me a lot about being a successful businessman.

My Journey

Working through the concepts and knowledge of the place module was challenging, but very gratifying too. The math concepts increased in complexity, but I was able to learn some new concepts such as calculating rent and maintenance fees. The simulation took some critical thinking to solve, nevertheless, I was able to choose the correct placing to make my virtual business flourish.

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