How can I make my business known?

Getting your businesses name out there is easier than you might think. A few tips and tricks will help you through this exciting facet of business ownership.

Key Knowledge

Business promotion can be a very tricky, yet amazingly powerful resource to have and use. You have to be careful and set your promotional emails, letters, or ads in a timely sequence. This can make it very difficult to find the right balance between advertising and annoying. There are many benefits of business promotion including increased amount of customers. All in all, business promotion through traditional and conventional means is extremely beneficial.

My Journey

Going through the promotion module was a different experience because it was divided into two shorter modules. This did not take away from my understanding or the value of the content at all. The math in the first module was straightforward and easy to comprehend, whereas the second module had tougher math. Finding the percentage of a percentage is hard to do the first few times, but I managed to succeed. The simulation for traditional media promotion was fairly easy, but I learned many things from my work. The second simulation was much more difficult and I had to focus intensely to understand and excel.

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