How many do I hire?

Staffing is not an impossible challenge that must be overcome. Actually, it is a chance to put faces out there to represent your business well.

Key Knowledge

Staffing is a straightforward facet of business ownership which can make or break a company. Staffing requires balance and knowledge. You have to evenly balance a number of employees with the cost of hiring and keeping them. Also, you have to be highly informed about what your customers dislike in order to know what types of employees you need to hire. Staffing is an extremely important part of successfully managing a business.

My Journey

I thought that learning about staffing your business was really cool and exciting. Going through the module was fun and informative at the same time. Some of the math concepts were new, however, they were easy to pick up on and get the hang of while working. The simulation took some critical thinking to complete accurately, but it was very helpful in nailing the information down.

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