The Eyes of Business are Upon You

They see it all.
These cameras mean business. Literally. Security measures are vital to the success of your business.

Key Knowledge

Before you start screwing video cameras to every wall, you need to know what you are trying to stop. Theft is a large problem for businesses. In fact, over forty billion dollars are lost by US retailers yearly! What many people are not aware of is the fact that half of those losses are caused by employee theft. Scary, right? So now knowing what we do, how do we prevent these losses? In order to prevent outside theft, you can do several things. These include managing a layout which will make it difficult for potential thieves to grab anything. This means giving the checkout area a good view of the entire store. Also, you need to train your employees so that they can spot thefts before the perpetrators escape. Then adding in security devices and measures will be necessary. However, this will not completely solve employee theft, so you need to take some more protective measures. Doing thorough background checks on employees is a great way to weed out potential problems, and you can set up security devices like cameras to watch your store too. One more thing you can do is set up protective policies. These can be things like one exit for employees. Keeping your business safe is vital to making substantial profits in the long run, so I would definitely encourage any budding entrepreneur to stay ready.

My Journey

Going through this modules reading section was probably the easiest of any we have done so far. The small summary above fully encompasses everything I needed to know to pass it.
Sample math question.
The math, however, was very difficult. It wads probably the hardest math so far. In the example to the left, you had to know how to do each separate step in the problem and complete the steps in the proper order. This section included a lot of percentages, division, and multiplication in the problems. Despite the difficulties, I enjoyed learning the material and worked my way to the simulation. Running the security for my business took some thinking and research. I had to read several reports to decide which products were at risk, and then I moved them closer to the registers. I also added a surveillance system to watch the store and protect my products. In two weeks I succeeded and was able to wrap up this module with full comprehension.

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